New Day Diagnostics



We strive to make early detection of COVID-19 and cancer
not only possible, but also simple.

Beyond improving test performance, we strive to create tests that are simple and accessible to promote more regular testing of diseases. We’ve based our ovarian and prostate cancer tests on novel biomarkers present in urine while our SARS-coV-2 (COVID-19) antigen test identifies the presence of coronavirus in a simple nasal sample.

As we’ve learned, through frequent testing we can help curb the spread of COVID-19. Our at-home rapid antigen test simplifies the steps necessary to test for the virus, delivering accurate results in just 10 minutes. Instead of going to a testing center or doctor, patients can purchase our affordable testing kits for use at home. *

Early and accurate detection is essential for success in treatment of ovarian cancer. Unfortunately the majority of existing tests lack the ability to accurately detect the cancer in its early states. We are utilizing a novel biomarker to develop a test that will demonstrate higher specificity and sensitivity for ovarian cancer compared to existing methods of detection.

ProCare Diagnostics is utilizing a new urinary biomarker, which has the potential to be more accurate than other common prostate cancer markers in detecting and monitoring prostate cancer, as well as guiding therapy.

*For investigational use only – not for sale in the USA until EUA authorized. EUA (210571) submitted and currently under review by FDA.

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