Procare Diagnostics strives to provide accessible, efficient prostate cancer diagnostic technology to solve a major global medical challenge.

Challenges Associated with Prostate Cancer: Each year over 233,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer and currently about 2.5 million men in the US are living with prostate cancer, making it the second most common cancer among male patients (only after skin cancer). It is also the second most deadly cancer among male patients with an annual fatality of 29,480.

Currently there is a large unmet need for tests that can correctly identify patients that are at high risk for prostate cancer so that the number of needless biopsies and prostatectomies can be reduced. Owing to lack of accurate diagnostic methods, of the 1.3 million biopsies performed each year 25% were false positives and 53% were negative and unnecessary. The medical expenditures of needless biopsies add up to a total of $808 million and often resulted in secondary medical complications for the patients.

Our Goal: To solve this unmet need Procare Diagnostics is developing a prostate cancer detection assay which will utilize a novel urinary biomarker for accurate detection of prostate cancer. As this technology utilizes a biomarker present in urinary sample it enables us to develop a diagnostic test that is not only efficient but also noninvasive, simpler to use, painless and can be made widely accessible in the form of a Point-of-Care lateral flow assay.

This novel assay will not only provide a more sensitive and efficient detection method, it holds the potential of providing key information to medical professionals that might help them determine the ideal therapeutic intervention.

Development of this novel diagnostic test for prostate cancer will prove to be a significant step towards reducing the burden of avoidable prostatectomies and prevent further medical complications. Thus the ProcCare Daignostic technology has the potential to provide a solution for a major challenge in the field of prostate cancer detection and management.

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