Some of the initial inventions that are under consideration include a novel inexpensive screener for ovarian cancer detection, a novel and inexpensive approach to infection control in hospitals and physician offices and an novel marker for the detection of prostate cancer.

image logo for footerClearSpec – Advanced Speculum Solution

ClearSpec’s advanced speculum design is scientifically proven by an IRB randomized clinical study to improve visualization for every exam. Continue Reading

KleenGel Automatic Gel Dispenser

KleenGel is an FDA Cleared automatic, infrared device designed to efficiently and hygienically dispense lubricating gel for use by healthcare providers. Continue Reading

Ovation Diagnostics

Ovation Diagnostics is dedicated to developing advanced and accessible ovarian cancer diagnostic technologies to address a global unmet need. Continue Reading

ProCare Diagnostics

Procare Diagnostics strives to provide accessible, efficient prostate cancer diagnostic technology to solve a major global medical challenge. Continue Reading

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